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PHR books - November 2008

Here are the titles released by Precious Hearts Romances for the first 3 weeks of November 2008*

2932 memento camilla
CPO10 bucho sonia francesca
DTS12 jershey #9 keith matthews almira jose
mlb 166 dedee and seth vanessa
2933 ang tigang na puso ni purita rose tan
2934 chance in passing dawn igloria
2935 lend me a hunk kayla caliente
HSB01 hart, the heartthrob sheena rose
bes005 kahit sa panaginip dawn igloria
ins07 all I want is my girl, christmas almira jose
MLMHero 367 drake raval dream grace
2936 pwede ka bang mahalin camilla
2937 the day you came along amanda
2938 just to have you ana katrina velasco
2939 groom for hire rose tan
1009 for the rest of my life elizabeth mcbride
1236 lumang piso para sa puso vanessa
cinderella 72 maja, the foxy princess Heart Yngrid
lukaret 14 al's secret recipe 1 camilla
lukaret 15 al's secret recipe 2 camilla

*To those who are interested to buy these books, please email me at tagalogromancepocketbooks@yahoo.com

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