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PHR releases September 2008

Here are the titles released by Precious Hearts Romances for the Month of September 2008*

18 roses 31 Peaches, the tamed dove 1 cora clemente
18 roses 32 Peaches, the tamed dove 2 cora clemente
GPS 8 naked sheena rose
GPS 9 silver sheena rose
MLMHero 362 zev camilla
pepper series 24 lara vanessa
fruitcakes 12 sing no sad songs rose tan
stallion 42 dereck tezzoro sofia
stallion 43 rios caderao sonia francesca
2896 her name is karina camilla
2897 ang kasunduan rose tan
blue 57 mekaniko ng puso cassandra
PHR Classics 14 Scars 1: Lies of an Angel antoinette
PHR Classics 15 Scars 2: Devil in paradise antoinette
PHR Classics 16 Scars 3: A Night of flame 1 antoinette
PHR Classics 17 Scars 4: A Night of flame 2 antoinette
2898 you're 18, you're beautiful and you're mine amanda
2899 like chasing bubble sin the air camilla
2900 the way to a man's heart camilla
2901 harangan man ng sibat kayla caliente
2902 yve's romance vanessa
2903 patana camilla
DPS 18 trent sandoval Heart Yngrid
mlb 214 melody and xander armie jane
MLMHero 363 godofredo malaya rose tan
pepper 25 wendy vanessa
stallion 44 richard don robles sofia
1455 ano ang hatid ng bukas laurice del rio
1530 a lifetime of pain noelle arroyo
2904 now that I have you cora clemente
2905 carys cares camilla
2906 akin ka na lang ana katrina velasco
CPO7 sage keene alicante
pepper 26 andrea 1 vanessa
pepper 27 andrea 2 vanessa
1539 that's when I stopped loving you camilla
1704 unforgotten love 1 almira jose
1709 unforgotten love 2 almira jose
2907 allie's dance dream grace
2908 asmina's destiny dawn igloria
2909 saddest secret love claudia santiago

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